Series 4: Fulfilling Wellbeing by Evan Choi

Happy New Year! On the first day of 2022, let's continue with our wellbeing momentum! We have Dr Evan Choi, our Honorary Membership Secretary, sharing with us insights on “fulfilling wellbeing” and how it relates to our lives! Stay tuned to learn more about different ways to enhance our sense of fulfilment.

Bulletin 4.1 - Fulfilling Wellbeing
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Bulletin 4.2 Growth Mindset

Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Growth mindset refers to the mentality that “what you are” does not and should not limit “who you can be” in the future. It is thus the mindset that your capability is not fixed and your competence can be improved through learning and practice.

Good news, right? Read along to know more about growth mindset!

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Bulletin 4.3 Adult Learning - Andragogy

How is andragogy different from pedagogy? In other words, how do we learn things differently as an adult? As an adult learner - we shall follow our passion and activity and craft out our growth path.

Read along to learn tips about adult learning. 

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Bulletin 4.4 Job Crafting

Do you know what “job crafting” is? Job crafting literally means “adding some kind of personal flair to the job”.  Nowadays, many of us have multiple identities and the concept of “slash” becomes more common. 

What are your identities? Read along to know more about job crafting.


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Bulletin 4.5 Psychological Richness

We have discussed several principles of being a lifelong proactive learner. So, what makes a “good life”? In a nutshell, a psychologically rich life brings “a variety of interesting and perspective-changing experiences” and it does not even need to be apparently meaningful.

Be open and curious! Read along and define your own “psychologically rich” life! 


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Bulletin 4.6 Concluding Remarks

Thank you for following us along! Hope you enjoy the articles of this series and wish you all a fulfilling life! If you are interested in knowing more, please do get in touch with us, our psychologists would be happy to share what we know!

Please stay tuned for our next series 🙂 

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