COVID-19 - Precautions and Mental & Emotional Health Tips 

With the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, we have consolidated some useful information on the virus and tips to sustain our physical, mental and emotional health during this challenging period. Feel free to circulate to family and friends.

Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (DIOP) (of the Hong Kong Psychological Society)
The Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (DIOP) was established in May 2000 under the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS). We are a professional association that promotes the identity, professional status and recognition of industrial-organizational psychologists in Hong Kong. 
I-O Psychology & I-O Psychologists
Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I-O Psychology), also known as occupational psychology, work psychology and business psychology, is the study of human behaviour in the workplace.
Professional Training and Qualification 
I-O psychologists work in all types of organisations in both public and private sectors, and across a variety of fields and industries. Learn how to enroll to professional training programs and obtain professional qualification. 
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