In Conversation

Welcome to our Dialogues with Experts in the field, brought to you by DIOP. Listen in to the “In Conversation” series for insightful exchanges we have with esteemed practitioners and researchers!

Episode 1: Talent Assessment

Listen in to a conversation between our very own Dr. Austin Tay, and Dr. Alan Bourne, CEO & Founder of Sova Assessment Ltd, on the current state and future trends of talent assessment,  and how COVID-19 is impacting the field!


Episode 2: Underemployment

Listen in to a conversation between Dr. Austin Tay and Prof. Kenneth Law, Associate Dean (Research) of the CUHK Business School, on underemployment, overeducation, job crafting, job design, and how all these are related to each other. Tune in for some great tips for employers and job-seekers alike as our economy continues to evolve.

Episode 3: People Analytics and Human-AI Interaction

Listen in to (and watch!) a conversation between Dr. Austin Tay and Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, psychologist, author, entrepreneur and one of the forerunners in the field – on people analytics and AI, and most importantly, how we as humans should do with them. Be ready for some great insights on where human judgment kicks in and how we should adapt to the new world of business (and living)!

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