DIOP CE Requirements

Objectives of DIOP CE (Continuing Education)

With the ultimate objective of encouraging DIOP members to maintain and enhance the quality of services provided to the clients, the DIOP CE aims to encourage further professional development of DIOP members in their practice of industrial-organizational psychology through planned and purposeful CE activities.

DIOP CE requirement is mandatory for DIOP full members to fulfill in order to renew their membership. DIOP full members who reach the retirement age of 60 are exempted from the CE requirement. DIOP affiliate members are not required to fulfill such requirements.

A CE cycle is one financial year (i.e. 12 months from every April to next March). A minimum of 6 CEUs are required within each cycle.

Please refer to our CE Guide for further details.


Vetting of DIOP CE Activities

Organizers, training providers or speakers may apply to HKPS CEC to seek prior recognition of CE activities.

If DIOP members, who plan to join an unrecognized activity, wish to check on the activity before joining, they should submit their vetting request by filling in the Vetting Form and sending it to diopsec@gmail.com at least 6 weeks prior to the activity date. Unrecognized / unvetted activities will not be counted as DIOP CE activities.

Start logging your CE records here.

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