Series 2: Mind Well - Positive Emotion Management by Stephanie Lau

In our second Workplace Wellbeing Bulletins, Stephanie Lau, our Honour Secretary, explores with us what mind well is, with the "HERO" framework.

1. DIOP_Mind Well_Intro_v1.1
Bulletin 2.1 - Hope
2. DIOP_Mind Well_Hope_v1.1
Bulletin 2.2 - Efficacy
3. DIOP_Mind Well_Efficacy_v1.1
Bulletin 2.3 - Resilience
4. DIOP_Mind Well_Resilience_v1.1
Bulletin 2.4 - Optimism
5. DIOP_Mind Well_Optimism_v1.1
Bulletin 2.5 - A Reminder on Mind Well
6. DIOP_Mind Well_Summary_v1.1

About the DIOP Research Sub-Committee

The DIOP Research Sub-Committee is hoping to drive applied research that brings along positive impact to the community, especially to the working population.

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