DIOP Mentorship Program

DIOP is proud to announce that we have successfully completed the 2020-21 DIOP Mentoring Programme!

We would like to take this opportunity to express DIOP’s sincere appreciation for the Mentors’ contributions – the Programme would not be successful without the Mentors’ generosity of offering their time and effort to the Programme, and sharing their wisdom and experience with the Mentees!

DIOP would like to thank the following Mentors for their valuable contribution to building the next generation of I/O psychology talent in HK:

  • Ms Heidi AU
  • Mr Neil COWIESON
  • Ms Karen FUNG
  • Ms Karen GOTTHELF
  • Ms Vivien HAU
  • Ms Grace LAU
  • Mr Kin U
  • Mr Mills WONG

We look forward to launching our 2021-22 Mentoring Programme in April, with the continuous support from our senior DIOP members as Mentors. Congrats all!

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